lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

happy Velntine's Day!!!

hi friend!!! happy Valentine's Day!!!!
after a little research i've found the most bought gift in this special day!
first of all: 

1- a bouquet of red roses ( i think that it's very classic and it's the best gift that a woman can recive in this day)
2-breakfast at home ( really????? i'm not agree whit this second position)
3- a romantic week-end
4- a day in a spa
5-Something classic like jewelry ( pretty but perhaps too expensive)
6- chocolates and sweets
7- the most beautiful pictures taken in your love story
8- a camera ( i don't stand why a camera???? camera= valentine's day???)
9- a technological object
10- romantic dinner ( 10 position???? i think that a special dinner should be the 2nd position)

and you? what do you think?
what have you recived???

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