martedì 26 aprile 2011

win a PRADA BAG!!!!!

hi guys!! i'm studying some marketing strategies and i want to try with you...all people who has a blog!!!!
you can recive a prada bag only becoming my follower and writing something here. i want see how many people in one week will write something!!!!
try it!!!!!!


here it is!!!! the first Macarons Bag by Kenzo!!!
look at these pictures and choise your favourite colour!!!!!

lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

happy Velntine's Day!!!

hi friend!!! happy Valentine's Day!!!!
after a little research i've found the most bought gift in this special day!
first of all: 

1- a bouquet of red roses ( i think that it's very classic and it's the best gift that a woman can recive in this day)
2-breakfast at home ( really????? i'm not agree whit this second position)
3- a romantic week-end
4- a day in a spa
5-Something classic like jewelry ( pretty but perhaps too expensive)
6- chocolates and sweets
7- the most beautiful pictures taken in your love story
8- a camera ( i don't stand why a camera???? camera= valentine's day???)
9- a technological object
10- romantic dinner ( 10 position???? i think that a special dinner should be the 2nd position)

and you? what do you think?
what have you recived???

venerdì 11 febbraio 2011

which one???

                                                 please help me!!!
i'm not sure... which one is the best????
jeffrey campbell

or Gianmarco lorenzi

giovedì 10 febbraio 2011

is it the same thing also in other country??????

why in italy isn't possible to study what you want, what you love and dream?????
too much corruption!!!!
it's impossible to become a doctor if it's your dream... only people who wants money will become medicalDoctor!!!!
it's very sad!!!
is it the same thing also in other countries??????

mercoledì 9 febbraio 2011

iphone applications!

help me friends!!!!
which are the most important/ downloaded applications for iphone? the most funny and the must useful?


martedì 8 febbraio 2011

iphone???? whyyyyyyyyyy????

hello world!!
today the problem is: why all the world should has an IPHONE????????
i have it from 2 weeks but i don't find anything special! it's nice and there are a lot of applications but i think that men who have to use it for work can't find it so good like a blackberry or a Nokia!!!!
what do you think about it??????????